EAP Services

Robin has been in the Employee Assistance field since 1989. In August 1990, she created and implemented the first jointly sponsored labor management Employee Assistance Program for The Fashion Institute of Technology. From 1990 until May 2020 when Robin retired from FIT this highly utilized and successful EAP helped countless employees and their family members resolve work, emotional, and relationship difficulties to maximize productivity and increase personal satisfaction and happiness.

Prior to developing FIT’s EAP, Robin was the Clinical Supervisor for The Federal Employee Counseling Service EAP where she supervised staff in addition to providing direct client service. She designed and presented numerous seminars to the different federal agencies that the EAP serviced.

Development of Your Company's EAP:

After a thorough assessment identifying the needs and goals of the organization, a recommendation will be offered of the type of employee assistance program best suited to fulfill your (the organization's) need. A program can then be designed, implemented and managed by an experienced EAP professional.

Types of Programs Offered:

  • Information, assessment, and referral programs
  • Short-term counseling and referral if indicated
  • Internal program located onsite where company is located
  • Off-site in EAP professional's office


Fees can be based on a per capita model where there is a flat fee for each employee, independent of whether or not they or their family uses the program. These programs typically include lunchtime seminars, supervisory trainings, and management consultations.

At times it might be more financially beneficial to create a program where there is a set amount of reimbursement for only those employees or family members who actually use the program. Additional fees are added on if the company wants the EAP to provide workshops, seminars, or management consultations.

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